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Hello From Mikey

Dec. 15th, 2005 | 04:50 pm
mood: awake awake

What's up everyone. Been a long time since i have updated this thing, so i thought I would just give a lil shout out. Wow this thing makes me think of high school. Sometimes, i think it would be nice to go back one of those days. In case you didn't know, I came home in september because I couldn't afford tuition at Frostburg. Well now I am working a full time job working over 40 hours a week... but I am at least paying the bills. I am going to be going to CCBC next semester, so im not done with school :) In my spare time I like to go to some of the gay clubs, THATS RIGHT, IM STILL GAY. Seems like all I do is work work and not much time to hang with people. I now have an eyebrow ring and have dyed my hair. Tryin to change my look and I like it. Just wanted to say hey and give an update. Hope everyone is doing good and I hope to hear from all of you again. If you guys wanna see some updated pics, I just added them on my myspace, so check them out. My AIM is guywithnogoodsn still and myspace - www.myspace.com.mdboi286
If I don't see or hear from you guys, have a merry christmas and a good new year... love ya all

<3 Mikey

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Oct. 18th, 2005 | 09:17 pm

When: Thursday Oct 20, 2005
at 2:30 PM
Where: corner of Smith and Labyrinth
Baltimore, MD 21208

Help fight ignorance. Thursday 2:30-6:30 please join in helping us promote gay/lesbian rights and tolerance. The protest will take place on Smith and Labyrinth in front of Pikesville High School, wear pink if you are a straight supporter and rainbow if you are out and proud, and bring signs!

This is in response to the disgusting display of ignorance against homosexuality in front of pikesville high earlier this week.


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(no subject)

Jul. 17th, 2005 | 02:06 pm
mood: okay okay

So yeah, it was an ok weekend. With lots of drama, and not really much fun. I worked Thursday through Sunday with a double on Saturday. A lot of drama at work last night because the kitchen crashed... shows how horrible the cooks at Ruby Tuesday are. My father and Jason keep on goin at it, and it is sooooooooo fucking annoying! I am like... COME ON, AREN'T YOU ALL SUPPOSED TO BE ADULTS! Of course in the real world, we all know that doesn't work. I have been getting fed up with work, because you know when people take advantage of you and they were, so then I started saying no to everything and people don't seem to like it. LOL. I haven't been able to hang out with my friends really. I got to see melissa for a late late late night at Mc D's and went to lunch with Sean at the D House yo! lol. Really really really want a bf. Of course I am never looking, just talking to random boys. Have been getting to know this guy Trevor, really awesome guy, really cute, wouldn't go out with him because of me being at school, you know them long distant relationships... NOT COOL AT ALL! They just cause MORE drama. So maybe I will find me a guy at Frostburg who knows... but in either case, I am sure I will be just fine! I mean, I am already a born again virgin. lol. I think I will be transfering to civilization, cough cought* I mean, Towson or College Park in the fall... and I am serious this time... HAHA. Anyway... I have work in two hours to complete my weekend, and then I get to look forward to OCEAN CITY :-D I am really excited to do that, and I will be able to hang out with most of my best friends from Frostburg and Home! Everyone take care of themselves and stay in touch, nothing but loves... WOOOOOoooooo WHats this! Two journal entries in less than a week! I am on a roll! Lata!

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It's Me!

Jul. 15th, 2005 | 02:36 pm
mood: crazy crazy

Well... I am seriously going to try to keep updating this Live Journal! I am hoping everyone is doing good and staying out of trouble... at least serious trouble... hehe. I have been home for about 2 months. I have two jobs, one at Ruby Tuesday where I am a waiter full time, and a landscaping job which takes up a bit of my time. I have been meeting a lot of new people and am really coming more out of my shell I guess. As most of you know I am a pretty open and out there person, but there is always more I can do, and I am. I am going to ocean city next week with some friends from frostburg and my friends here. What more could I ask for right? I partying a lil last week and got so drunk I did things I normally wouldn't do and couldn't remember a good amount of them. KIDS! DON'T DRINK UNDER AGE! lol. AND!!! DRINK WATER TO LEVEL YOURSELF OUT! HAHA! Well... I am going to go, I WILL WRITE BACK OFTEN. TAKE CARE AND LEAVE A MESSAGE


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May. 30th, 2005 | 11:57 pm

just wanting to let everyone know I am a live. I do not have internet so i am not able to update, but when i do! I WILL UPDATE! I am working on getting a job at Ruby Tuesdays! hoping that will work out. been hanging out a lot with Sean, Jon, and Melissa! I am going to work with the boychoir at their summer camp this summer and I am really excited! Well... gotta go, but i'll write soon!

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First year of college completed, about a million more to go

May. 18th, 2005 | 07:41 pm

Wow! I wonder if anyone checks these anymore. Hope everyone is doing good btw. So, this has been a year of experiences and even more growing for me. I started out at Frostburg State not liken it to much, but it is kind of funny, this place kind of grows on you. This is definatly a place you have to go use to. Anyway... i have met a lot of people here. Some I met before I came to this school, some I have known from home, and some i met during my time here. College life is funny ya know? This is supposedly the time of your life, an experience like no other. It took me a while to enjoy it, i must be honest. First semester I only had a select few I hung out with, even then some of them were not good for me. Some were very egotistic, and some, were just not the people I should have been hanging out with. I think I met some wonderful people though. I got close with a few people more in second semester and didn't worry about pleasing certain people anymore. It is ok to push some things away. The people I became close with helped me to really enjoy school not from the educational side of it, but by the other side I guess I should say. It is nice to be on my own, not having to hear, "when are you coming home? what are you doing? where are you going" and to have my own freedom, and my own space to explore. Money has been tight this year, but this summer should hopefully clear some of it up and make everything ok. I am kind of interested in a person here. Someone I have grown to learn about and have a lot of fun with. He's a really kool guy. I am funny with those kinds of things, falling for things I shouldn't be falling for. I really don't know what to say but this first year has been a good learning experience for me with a lot of ups and a lot of downs. It kind of makes me want to make my second year even better. I am coming home on friday, not sure what to expect with the family and all and work, and summer school, but I guess I will find out. I am looking forward for some more learning, meeting new people and friends, and ADVENTURE!!!!

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Hey look! Its snowing

Jan. 29th, 2005 | 10:29 pm
mood: and bored at the same time and bored at the same time
music: Piano with Rainforrest sounds... don't ask ;-)

Whats up... Today was an ok day. After all, this is frostburg. It is snowing outside and I have annoying people on the other side of the dorm playing loud rap music! DAMN THAT RAP MUSIC!!! haha jk. But they could keep it down a little. Today I met up with Kyle, had lunch with him and then went to his room to listen to music. I love the Phantom of the Opera... if you haven't seen it... you should go see it :) I got that soundtrack burned for me... thanks Kyle! After that I met up with Kyrsta... she was working at the Gym, and then I headed to the piano room to finish writing a kool song. You guys should check it out sometime, i am really proud of it. After that I headed up to my room to just chat online for a bit. I went to dinner round 4:45pm cause I didn't want to get there and having the whole university be there. I had my books with me and practiced like 2 hrs of piano afterwards. CRAZYNESS! Hopefully I will be having me a car soon... I am trying to go to one of those police impounds. If anyone has had experience with the police auctions... lemme know about it. I called Sean and Jon today... Jon didn't answer and Sean was in the car with his dad, and his dad is weird lol. I miss those guys so much. Oh well... anyway... leave Mikey the lovin! And I'll catch ya'll lata ;-)

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An Update from Mikey!!!

Jan. 27th, 2005 | 11:31 pm
mood: blank blank

Hey everyone! It's cool to see that a lot of you still update your live journals! Sorry I haven't done mine in a while. Rodger was hinting he wanted me to do one, so I thought I would give it a shot. I use to put a lot of information about me on these things. They're kinda kool... and I think a good way to reflect off of things sometimes. Anyway! I am back at Frostburg. Things did not work out with CCBC and UMBC... too much so I won't explain it. It is kind of nice being back here though, you know, having the freedom and being stress-free from anything I would normally be stressed about at home... hehe. I had an ok vacation from school. Before I came home from school... I was so excited to get home and in the christmas spirit like no ones business. I remember I was home, and it was just like before. Nothing but arguements and just a really bad ora, full of stress, anger, and sadness. I was no longer in the christmas spirit and didn't even want to put up any christmas decorations. I found myself cleaning up the whole house (no lie) and no one was helping out. I did not feel like I was in a family, I felt like I was in a jail. So naturally, I got a little depressed, no... really depressed. I also didn't have a job and no money, and I was trying to figure out what I was going to do about college. I mean... i really didn't want to go back to frostburg. Hadn't got any news from UMBC except frostburg hasn't sent my transcripts. It was just a big head ache. This is about the same time we find out my Grandmother had breast cancer and that they needed to go and remove her breasts ASAP. She did fine after the surgery, but then she became really ill before we knew it. We found out she also had lung cancer and it was spreading. They were talking about chemo... but i dunno why, it didn't happen yet... they wanted to wait. I just didn't think she had a chance anyway... and that would just make her more uncomfortable. We didn't think she would make it to christmas. Well... she did... and the family went over here house for christmas eve. It was so good to see my grandmother at christmas. I felt blessed she was able to stay with us. She didn't look good at all. She was coughing a lot and was sleepy. My mom kept asking if she was ok, but my grandmother said it was just indigestion. yeah ok :-p On christmas day... we get a phone call that she was rushed to the hospital and had fell. We opened the gifts we got for christmas and then my father headed to the hospital to see my grandmom. My grandmother was so sick... she was saying crazy things like she was going to die tonight and she wanted my aunt to put a pillow over her head and kill her. I guess it was the cancer getting to her head. Who knows. That wasn't my grandmother saying those things. Anyway... later on that day or the day after, she looked better, felt better and went me, but in a hospital bed. She died on January 5th at like 3:30am with most of her family there. We were preparing for the funeral and i had said that I wanted to sing for it. I took a few hours and wrote a song for my grandmother. I was told I would have to call my aunt to see if it was ok to sing for it. My dad told me after a while that I would not be able to sing because they want to bury her ASAP. I was like... w/e. and that didn't happen. I did however go on a vacation to the outer banks with a few friends of mine. These are awesome friends... Sean, Jon, and Melissa. That day it was 79 degrees driving down and that night we stayed on the porch looking at the stars and listening to the waves of the ocean. What a calm, relaxing, fun week I had. Something I needed. I was so stressed from home and my grandmothers passing. I still owe my friend Jon some money and it sucks to owe him money... especially since I was the one staying at his place. The feeling of having no money sucks especially with credit cards you need to pay off and can't. But I truely have good friends who care about me a lot. They were the ones that made it so hard for me to go back to Frostburg. Really. Well I think this is enough for today... sorry for not making this a cut... but oh well. People give me a buzz, drop a line... I'll write again soon


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Thanksgiving Break!

Nov. 30th, 2004 | 12:09 am
mood: gloomy gloomy

What's up guys! Its been awhile since I have updated :-p I had a nice 6 days off and was home. I am not home until the family drama! :-p I did get to hang out with a lot of my friends this week, played some pool, went to Melissa's house, over Jon's house, etc. I became pretty close to Jon this week to, he is just a really awesome guy! Easy person to talk to and its always nice to know that someone appreciates you. Awesomeness! So I did officially withdraw from Frostburg today. It felt like I was pledging, I had to get a lot of signatures but it was all good :) I came back to my dorm at 4:00ish and worked out some. I promised myself of none stop working out till I get home, and then i am going to join golds gym. I am SOOOOOOOO SERIOUS! Got some dinner and took it back to Kyrsta's room and watched some Simpsons! I was about to fall asleep so I left her room, came back here and slept for a bit. Now it is 12:17am and I am not tired. I didn't go to my Science class tonight, I am failing it, I figure I am not even going to bother with going and stressing out. :-/ I will try to update more if you guys are interested. I am looking forward in school closing soon!


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(no subject)

Oct. 14th, 2004 | 09:00 am

October 12, 1998

Listen to the mustn'ts, child.
Listen to the don'ts.
Listen to the shouldn'ts,
The impossibles, the won'ts.
Listen to the never haves,
Then listen close to me ...
Anything can happen, child.
Anything can be.

~ Shel Silverstein

Six years ago today, Matthew Shepard was murdered for being homosexual.

What will you do to end the silence?

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